Established since 1993, Dragnet has been providing security services and solutions to clients from the residential, commercial, industrial and government sectors. We have established our reputation as a professional security organisation in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, South Africa and Australia.

Managing Director

The private security industry in Singapore supplements and complements the Singapore Police Force and Enforcement Agencies in the fight against crime and terrorism. To this, our agency, since the inception in 1993 has consistently and professionally served the needs of our clientele. Our workforce is sufficiently trained to excel in performance and deliverance that keeps all places guarded, safe and secure. Though it is a business entity, a service to our NATION is the core thought of everyone in DRAGNET SMARTECH SECURITY PTE LTD.

“To our clients: You are safe”
“To our employees: Thank you for the partnership”
T. Mogan
Managing Director

Certified Security Professional
Certified Private Investigator
Certified Hotel Security Management

Our Vision & Mission


We strive to be an 'A' Grade Security Agency, providing our clients value-added service and quality.


We aim to achieve total loss prevention for our clients and the community.

Our Values

Good Governance

We are a disciplined agency ensuring strict adherence to all rules and regulations.


We are committed to providing the highest standard in our service.


Our service goes above contractual requirements to enhance security coverage.

The Dragnet Advantage

As a provider of turnkey security solutions, Dragnet provides a wide spectrum of security services and products to fulfill the range of requirements of our clients.

Our premium clientele includes government organizations such as LTA, MND, HDB and MSF, who each require specific and particular security service standards. Our vast experience and unique capabilities allow us to analyze these standards and to deploy personnel and solutions which are exceptional in fulfilling them according to SOPs, whether it is in customer service, vigilance, emergency response.

We offer a great degree of flexibility with customizable solutions for private sectors as well, particularly in the integration of building security systems and technologically trained security personnel in order to manage properties with total security coverage.

Accolades, Accreditations & Memberships

Our Accolades

Certification of Merit,
Singapore Service Excellence Medallion Award 2015

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bizSAFE Star


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Our Premium Clientele

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